That's Austin

I made a little thing! Everyone in The Shopkeeper had something to say about Austin, TX. I put it all together here. Does Austin suck or does it ROCK? You decide.

Gag Reel

Getting ready for the DVD release by assembling the gag reel for The Shopkeeper! It is so much fun to have made a movie full of performers. What a bunch of hams!


Dar says it all


"With the encouragement of what’s left of the music industry, they believe that the income provided by music streaming companies successfully replaces the purchase of an album.  And they also believe that musicians can “just be more of a road dog, because you love it, right? Just tour more, right?” -- Dar Williams

My friend Andrew Hardin sent this to me, and I can't say it better. It's worth reading Dar's whole piece, because she is explaining so well what I'm trying to say with The Shopkeeper.

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Hitting the road, Jack



My friend Kim Maxwell likes to gather her fellow performers, hold hands backstage, and do a "hooky spooky." She appeals to "my higher power, I still don't know what to call you" for the power to "fling ourselves wildly into the void" as we hit the stage. 

That is what I am doing as I launch my film into the world.

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Unintended consequences

Unintended consequences, or how the trouble in the music business affects you, music lovers

My musician acquaintance Tristan Avakian had the most unexpected perspective today on Facebook on an article about the dressage team in the Olympics. This was his takeaway:

"reading this beautiful article, it strikes me how closely competition dressage parallels the cultivation of a music career. it is an antiquated tradition, the costs are astronomical, the chances slim, and now the potential rewards are pitifully small. it's already dominated by the independently wealthy, and I could easily see it becoming exclusively an aristocratic pursuit. even as my artist career unfolds, and develops, I wonder if I, as a father and a provider, can - in good conscience - go on. I might need to fold."

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Welcome to the new website!


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very proud to announce the launch of the brand new website for The Shopkeeper! Take a look around, particularly the "screenings" page, and see what's up! There are a few shows announced now and many, many more on the way.

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