People have asked if I'm going to release a soundtrack for The Shopkeeper. Yes, but in a DIY way, for two reasons. Firstly, it's a huge job to obtain the rights to all the songs for release. Secondly, and more important: the best way to support an artist is to buy their work directly from them.

So! Here is a list of every song in the film with a link to a place you can obtain it.

Some of the music is unreleased. I'm sorry! If you love a song you can't get, maybe you can email the artist and tell them you'd buy it if you could!

Here you go:

Alison Acton - "Healer" - Look Through

The Belle Sounds - "Starry Eyed" - The Belle Sounds

Donna Lynn Caskey - "Good For What Ails Me" and "Dragon Lady" - Nameless Heart

Castlinaire (Micajah Nye's project) - "Avio" and "Decade" - released as singles on bandcamp

Ani DiFranco - "Half Assed" - Binary; "Going Down" - Dilate; "Studying Stones" - Knuckle Down; "So What" - Reveling/Reckoning

Charlie Faye - "I've Got a Feeling" - unreleased but lots of great music on her website

Dan Fogelberg - "Wishing on the Moon" - Phoenix

Trent Gentry and Stephanie Daulong - "Two Become One" - Two Become One

Eliza Gilkyson - "Rare Bird" - Beautiful World; "Coast" and "Beauty Way" - Hard Times in Babylon; "Is It Like Today" - Paradise Hotel; "Easy Rider" - Lost and Found; "Roses at the End of Time" - Roses at the End of Time - all available at

Colin Gilmore - "Running Circles in the Yard" - Goodnight Lane

Johnny Goudie - "You Can't Pretend Forever" - El Payaso - and make sure to check out Johnny's podcast How Did I Get Here?

Douglas Greer - "Back In My Skin Again" - Baja Louisana

Mark Hallman - "Rock Solid" (wrestling theme song) and "If I Could Change" (Cry Wolf) are unreleased, but he's starting to put out some music on Bandcamp and I happen to know he's recorded some new songs he hasn't released yet.

Hamilton Pool - "London Girl" - Hamilton Pool - out of print, but maybe you can find a copy at Waterloo Records?

Noëlle Hampton - "Blackwing Butterfly" - Thin Line

Andrew Hardin - "Gator Walk," "Ouchita," "Big Rig Country" and "Aquamarine," all from Coney Island Moon

Sara Hickman - "Joy," "Tiger in a Teacup Town" and "The Best of Times" - Necessary Angels; "Equal Scary People" - Equal Scary People - all Sara's music (and much more) available at her website

Carole King - "Chains" - Pearls: Songs of Goffin and King; "One to One" - One to One

Iain Matthews, as Matthews Southern Comfort - "Darcy Farrow" - Second Spring - and here's a very interesting page about all the many versions of this song

Navarro - "Listen," "Trying for the Sun," "Newborn Highway" - Listen"Mystery" and "Already Here" - Straight to the Heart - both albums out of print but you can sometimes find them on Amazon.

Rain Perry - "Ambulance Song" - Internal Combustion; "Girl on the Side," "There's a Problem With the Dam," "Thank You," "Cinderblock Bookshelves," "Dear Dana" and "Wild Child" - Cinderblock Bookshelves; "Let's Do Something Wrong," "Done," "Happily Ever After" and "Get in the Car" - Men - As you can see, I used a bunch of my own music in the movie (because it was free!) but those were instrumental versions of most of the songs. You can buy the real versions at

Tom Russell - "Pilgrim Land" and "Hotwalker" - Hotwalker; "Stealing Electricity" - available here

Will Sexton - "Save the Ring" and "Weigh Your Silver" - from the out of print album Keep To Myself - sometimes you can find a copy, though

Touchstone - "Give Me Leeway" - from Mark Hallman's teenage band, sometimes can be found as a 45

Kathriyn Werlinich (aka Alex Shea) - "You Keep Me Waiting" and "Acting on an Instinct" are unreleased but here's a link to the website for her band.


The Shopkeeper

Everybody can make a record.
Nobody can make a living.
Now what?
A film by Rain Perry
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