The Shopkeeper - Twangville review

Twangville - August 17, 2017

Here at Twangville we spend pretty much all our time listening to and reviewing the latest Americana and roots music.  We spend very little time talking about how it gets created in the first place, and how the music industry makes a living from genres that don’t attract the business machine that feeds, and feeds on, the likes of U2 or Taylor Swift.  As everyone knows, though, the ubiquity of streaming has changed the economics of being a musician and it has the potential to really change what comes out of your earbuds and Bluetooth speakers.  Musician Rain Perry has turned her creative talents to movie making and is releasing a film on August 21st about these changes titled The Shopkeeper.

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The Shopkeeper

Everybody can make a record.
Nobody can make a living.
Now what?
A film by Rain Perry
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