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He’s worked with Carole King, Ani DiFranco, and a host of great Texas artists — but can music producer Mark Hallman keep his studio open in the age of streaming?

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[The Shopkeeper] struck a note so deep in me that I watched all one-hour-and-thirty-one minutes feeling a kinship with the narrator (and, as it turns out, producer of the film), almost relieved that I was not alone. — No Depression

Well worth your time to watch if you care at all about the business of the music we love. — Twangville

Hallman’s own story is fascinating all by itself but it’s used to frame a picture of an industry that has seen uncontrollably rapid change in the last decade.  An industry that finds itself under real threat from the culture shift brought about by the digital revolution.  It’s a story that needs telling.  It’s a story that matters. — Red Guitar Music

The life and times of an unsung hero of Americana...engaging, crowdfunded doc. - Uncut UK

The mid level of the music industry is a vast panorama of cool ass shit. me and the congress house both fit in there somewhere. check this documentary out for a window into the great indie unknown. texas style. — Ani DiFranco



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    Rain will be on a panel at FAR-West called "Everybody Can Make a Record. Nobody Can Make a Living. Now What?" Plus a few showcases....

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The Shopkeeper

Everybody can make a record.
Nobody can make a living.
Now what?
A film by Rain Perry
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