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He’s worked with Carole King, Ani DiFranco, and a host of great Texas artists — but can music producer Mark Hallman keep his studio open in the age of streaming?

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    Gag Reel

    Getting ready for the DVD release by assembling the gag reel for The Shopkeeper! It is so much fun to have made a movie full of performers. What a bunch of hams!
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    Dar says it all

    "With the encouragement of what’s left of the music industry, they believe that the income provided by music streaming companies successfully replaces the purchase of an album.  And they also believe that musicians can “just be more of a road dog, because you love it, right? Just tour more, right?” -- Dar Williams My friend Andrew Hardin sent this to me, and I can't say it better. It's worth reading Dar's whole piece, because she is explaining so well what I'm trying to say with The Shopkeeper.
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    How Did I Get Here interview

    Listen to Johnny Goudie's interview with Rain about the upcoming Austin Premiere of The Shopkeeper on the always-entertaining podcast "How Did I Get Here?" Click this link!
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    Rain at the Movies

    Chris Jay - VC Reporter - June 9. 2016 The multitalented Rain Perry has been a fixture in the art, culture and music community for years. The Ojai singer and songwriter has released multiple records, sung the theme song for a national TV show, made an appearance on that same show, written and performed a play based on her own childhood, and played host to countless songwriting workshops, classes and house concerts.
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The Shopkeeper

Everybody can make a record.
Nobody can make a living.
Now what?
A film by Rain Perry
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